Job Reference Numbers

All vacancies posted on our website are assigned a unique Job Reference Number:

Jobseekers can type this job reference number in the search function on our homepage to be taken directly to the vacancy that the number coresponds to:





How Can Employers Save Money Using Job Reference Numbers?


To save money on linage advertising in the press you can upload your job to our site and make a note of its unique Job Reference Number (e.g. EC108). You can use this number in printed media advertisements to reduce your linage costs.


For example:

St. Paul's Community College, Castlebar invites applications for the position of Irish Teacher to Leaving Certificate Honours Level to cover maternity leave. Apply with CV and named referees to The Secretary, Board of Management. St. Paul's Community College is an equal opportunities employer. 
  can be reduced to:    

St. Paul's Community College, Castlebar, Irish Teacher Required (Maternity). For full details see
Job Ref: EC108 on
Cost of placing this advert in the Newspaper for 4 days - €365       Cost of placing this advert in the Newspaper for 4 days - €196  
        Total Saving: €169  

This system allows schools to reduce their advertising costs but gives jobseekers direct online access to vacancy details 24/7 on a website that is dedicated to teaching in Ireland.

Your advertisements on can contain as much information as you like and can also display your school/college crest.


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