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This site is approved by all School Management Bodies for the advertising of teaching, SNA, deputy principal and principal posts in all post-primary schools in Ireland.

Feature Your Vacancy

People Will See Your Vacancy First

Need everyone to know your hiring? Feature your vacancy to get the best results. Featured vacancies are given pride of place on the landing page of our website. When users come to our website the very first thing they see are the current featured vacancies. This has proven to increase the exposure of these vacancies and get better results in the amount of applications they receive.

How to Feature Your Vacancy

  1. Login to your employer account (or register as an employer if you need to).
  2. Upload your vacancy details.
  3. On your employer homepage click "Manage Vacancies".
  4. Click the "Feature this Job" link beside the vacancy you want to feature.
  5. Decide how you would like to pay.
  6. A staff member will set your teaching vacancy listing to featured and it will appear on the homepage.

Alternatively, call us on 01-8081494 or email to request to have your teaching vacancy featured on the homepage.

Cost of a Featured Job

The fee for featuring your vacancy on the homepage is €125 + VAT for one month (or part there of).

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