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Job Title Ref No. Location Closing date
Head/Principal EC0031334 Dublin 12/01/2018 The Kings Hospital

Teaching Vacancies EC0031333 Co. Dublin 10/01/2018

P.E. and S.E.N. EC0031332 Co. Clare 22/12/2017

English/English Literature teachers - China EC0031331 International 10/01/2018

Teach Science at high schools in China EC0031330 International 10/01/2018

Teacher EC0031329 Dublin 20/12/2017

Teach Maths at High Schools in China EC0031328 International 10/01/2018

Mandarin Teacher AGTSMT1217 England 05/01/2018 REd Teachers

Year 5 Teacher AGSGKS2T1217 England 04/01/2018 REd Teachers

Food Technology Teacher AGPMFT1217 England 04/01/2018 REd Teachers

ICT & Computing Teacher AGSTBICT1217 England 01/01/2018 REd Teachers

Supply work with guaranteed pay commencing January 2018 EC0031323 England 31/12/2017 Engage Education

Primary & Early Childhood Teachers required in Cambridgeshire EC0031321 England 31/12/2017 Engage Education

Primary Teacher required for English seaside school EC0031321 England 31/12/2017 Engage Education

English Teacher AGWBET1117 England 27/12/2017 REd Teachers

Maths Teacher AGOHMT1117 England 25/12/2017 REd Teachers

Year 1 Teacher AGLMPY1T1117 England 20/12/2017 REd Teachers

Music Teacher AGCHSMT1117 England 18/12/2017 REd Teachers

Corrector - JC & LC English EC0031303 Ireland 31/03/2018 Examcraft

Corrector - JC & LC Home Economics EC0031302 Ireland 31/03/2018 Examcraft

Corrector - JC & LC German EC0031301 Ireland 31/03/2018 Examcraft

Mock Examination Correctors required EC0031300 Ireland 31/03/2018 Examcraft

Middle School Math Teachers - Abu Dhabi Public Schools EC0031299 International 31/01/2018

Middle and High School Science Teachers - Abu Dhabi Public Schools EC0031298 International 31/01/2018

Middle School/High School English Teachers - Abu Dhabi Public Schools EC0031297 International 31/01/2018

Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers - Abu Dhabi Public Schools EC0031296 International 31/01/2018

International Teacher Job Fairs - Atlanta, New York, Bangkok EC0031292 International 31/01/2018

College Graduates - The Explore Program - Teach English in China EC0031291 International 31/01/2018

Elementary Teachers - UAE Government Schools EC0031290 International 31/01/2018

Early Years/ Kindergarten Teachers - UAE Government Schools EC0031289 International 31/01/2018

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